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IGN: caesarcs
By caesarcs » about 1 month ago
Donation Update : 1.0.3

Donation Ranks have been enabled! Though they are enabled there are still several features that go along with them that have not been added yet (they will be coming soon). If you are interested in helping the servers future head over to and check out our ranks.

Due to you all being beta testers there is a 25% off coupon (automatically applied) for all ranks.

+ Donors are now given recognition when joining the server:

+ DonorBroadcast is no properly configured to allow for you to get notified when someone supports the server.

+ Added a variety of donor perks (some are not yet complete such as backpacks and mystery crates).

If you are an old mc5star member please contact @caesarcs before purchasing a rank - there is a special coupon you receive (we also will need to reset your account on buycraft).


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IGN: xtrmhp
By xtrmhp » about 1 month ago