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IGN: caesarcs
By caesarcs » about 1 month ago
Update 1.0.4:

Over the course of this update we have made many great strides as the server has progressed - I'm gonna outline them all here.

We'd like to introduce our new spawn built primarily by @caesarcs and @Garbear1416 - with the help of @TalkyBlarg.
Check out an album of some of the pictures we took while building -
Use /spawn to teleport to this location.

I have also coded part to our custom plugin in order to display the perks you receive by donation (check them out @ /warp donate).

  • When entering the portal at the end of spawn you will now randomly be teleported in the survival world, this is a way to insure that all players end up in generally untouched locations throughout our world.
  • When you die your bed is now prioritize as your respawn point.
  • When players leave you no longer see the disconnect message.
  • Fixed a large portion of minor bugs that were causing harm to the server.
  • Fixed an issue with mcMMO fishing that was spamming the server console.
  • Refactored most of AlloyMinecraftCore so that it is overall a much cleaner plugin. 
  • Removed LWC due to server plugin conflicts.